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For example:

Create ‘restConnector’ to get JSON data from Your cloud service(API). The data will be buffered and updated in ‘response’ after every ‘trigger’.
Create ‘DataSnap’ in Background service and store the JSON data after every ‘trigger’ where ‘inputValue’ is ‘restConnector.response’ and ‘snap’ is ‘restConnector.gotResponse’. In the ‘inputValue’ U need to fetch property value from JSON for example I have create array with some data:

[Envoy_prod_kons.response[“production”][0][“whLifetime”], Envoy_prod_kons.response[“production”][1][“whToday”], Envoy_prod_kons.response[“production”][1][“whLastSevenDays”], (Envoy_prod_kons.response[“production”][1][“whLifetime”])-312526, Envoy_prod_kons.response[“consumption”][0][“whToday”], Envoy_prod_kons.response[“consumption”][0][“whLastSevenDays”], (Envoy_prod_kons.response[“consumption”][0][“whLifetime”]) -213279, Envoy_prod_kons.response[“consumption”][1][“whToday”], Envoy_prod_kons.response[“consumption”][1][“whLastSevenDays”], (Envoy_prod_kons.response[“consumption”][1][“whLifetime”]) -133957]

Create some ‘chart’ or ‘trend’ and use ‘snapValue’ from ‘DataSnap’ to present actual and historical data.

Here video from my PV:

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