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    When a REST Connector is configured, what type of request is constructed in the background? Curl, HTTP, PHP, JS, etc. ???

    Im trying to create a REST Connector to access RapidAPI DNS Lookup but it doesn’t return anything.

    If i use the “sentence” provided by API on a browser it works perfectly. So i guess its the way HMI Draw build the “sentence”on the background.

    Do you have an example of anything that would actually work?

    I need it because the PLC Connector “Remote Host” says you can use “mydomain.dyndns.org” but it doesn’t work….so im trying to build a REST Connector that would translate the domain for me into an IP Address.

    I already paid an Activation Key for my App and im starting to regret i spent $149.99 for a product that doesn’t have any support.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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