The HMI Pad is a set of native iPad applications and services for developing Human Machine Interfaces for real time monitoring of industrial PLC based systems and processes. The system consists of thee components: the HMI Draw app, the HMI View app and the HMI Pad Service

HMI Editor

The HMI Editor app allows Integrators to build fully customizable HMI interfaces by simply adding visual items or other objects to pages.

HMI Pad Service

The HMI Pad Service is a server in the cloud that lets you store Projects and associated assets such as custom images. Projects you uploaded to the Integrators Service can be deployed online to the HMI View app right from the HMI Draw app


The HMI app is the run only version app for End Users that should not have access to project internals. Thus, projects on the HMI

Native graphical HMI for your iPad

Create stunning presentations of your PLC controller process as you never did before.


The HMI Pad System is compatible with PLCs of all major American, European and Japanese brands. Communications are performed using highly efficient native communication drivers.

Native communications support

PLC Brand Communications Protocol
Allen Bradley Logix Ethernet/IP
Allen Bradley SLC 5 and Micrologix PCCC embedded in Ethernet/IP
Mitsubishi FX Melsec MC-1E
Mitsubishi Q/L Melsec MC-3E (coming soon)
Omron Fins/TCP
Opto22 Opto22/Native
Schneider Electric Modbus/TCP
Siemens S7 Siemens ISO/TCP
Wago Modbus/TCP

Non-Native communications support

PLC Brand Communications Protocol
Beckhoff Modbus/TCP
Other PLCs, RTUs over TCP Modbus/TCP
Other PLCs, RTUs over serial line (requires Ethernet to Serial adapter) Modbus/RTU


HMI Reference Manual

The complete reference manual for integrators creating HMI Interfaces.

HMI Quick Start Guide

Step by step procedures to perform essential operations using HMI App.


Security is guaranteed on the HMI Pad System through the use of TCP/IP based encryption and several other techniques.


Local Wireless access to the PLC Network

Remote Access

PLC Validation Codes

Access to the HMI Pad Service

Physical access to iPads

Projects in the HMI View app