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    any plan to add support for new iDevices? (iPhone X, Xs, iPad Pro 11”, 12,9”)



    Hi @grzegorz914, sorry for the late reply.
    Yes, we are currently working on a update to the apps to support iPhone X, XS, XR as well as new iPads.


    Hi my friend,

    today updated both app to ver 0.1.3 and some interface bugs on iPhone X are present:

    1. Settings panel with white area on the left site.
    2. Bottom of the screen ares is cuts with grayed area if screen is scroll to the bottom, otherwise it is transparent.(Same problem on iPad Pro 11 but with black area).
    Problem Solved (moved all elements 7px up, probably You was changed resolution of HMI area in last update.)
    3. App ver. number show 0.1.0 in settings panel.
    4. Page name on the top toolbar overlap the HMI area (look on the name “Ogrzewanie”).
    5. Please move manipulator buttons on the bottom toolbar to the left and right like on iPad (after today update are close to the center).
    6. in System>>$System>>Settings – networkName show nothing, networkBSSID show “UNKNOWN”

    all on the screenshots

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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