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    Although my app was developed in an iPad, i realize that it could have been
    developed for an iPhone. At this moment trying to port the same app to an
    iPhone would represent re-designing the whole App again.

    The problem is that when an App that was developed on an iPad for an iPad
    the runtime on an iPhone is completely unrecognizable.

    My guess is it has to do with the SystemParameter “interfaceIdiom”
    that automatically get assigned a 2 on an iPhone and no longer has a 1 (iPad).

    If this parameter which is currently READ ONLY could be allow to be set
    as 1 at Runtime…. i could make look good again the app while being seen on an iPhone.

    [interfaceIdiom] (Integer) (read only Number)
    A value of 1 if the current Interface Idiom is an iPad, or a value of 2 if it is an iPhone or iPod. This variable can be used to implement behavior or visual changes depending on the device.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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