PLC Connector with Remote Host as DomainName

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    As per documentation, when creating a PLC Connector you can specify a Local Host (IP) and a Remote Host (Domain).

    Local works fine! using a LAN IP
    Remote accepts a Domain but it won’t work (with Port or without-Port Forwarding @Router)

    I checked the example for COMMS but all of them have a “:###” on the Remote Host without an IP or DomainName.

    Is this a Documented feature that DOESNT WORK??


    The Remote Host works as advertised.
    We have multiple clients that use this feature.
    If you don’t specify a port, it uses the default port for the PLC that you’re using.
    IE: Siemens, port 102. AB micrologix, 44818. Modbus, 502 and so on.

    So if you enter “” on a micrologix connector, it’ll automatically add 44818 because that’s the port that micrologix PLC’s listen on. So you would have to forward that port.

    If you enter “”
    And forward that port on the router, it will NOT work because Micrologix PLC’s only listen on port 44818. So you have to do a port redirect in your router.

    Original port: 44101
    Foreword to address: (PLC IP)
    Forward to Port: 44818

    Greg M

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    I use PLC Connector to S7 1200 and other PLC with configured remote dress “dyndns” and all working OK, only what I need to do to open port 102 for S7 ISO/TCP connection. Check please Your firewall and port config on router. Check what port need to be open for Your communication protocol.

    Best Regards

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