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    Hello Team,

    I want to save some configuration values before deploying the app….
    What i have found is that as soon as i “Upload” the app and download it to the device
    all Controls and Fields that i have pre-configured are GONE!!!

    So i said, I need to find me a way of storing those values/button status before i upload the app…

    And there i found “Databases”….. which using a .CSV file i can have Rows and Columns..
    Not a big deal…i went into MSExcel and created a template, exported it as .CSV, uploaded it
    to my Local Files Databases.

    So lets say i want to have access to write to ROW #1, COLUMN #1 which is the first value of the configuration record….

    How would i have to build my statement to have access to it ??? READ/WRITE ACCESS…. so i can store the values and when the app is downloaded and started the first thing to do would be READ the values i pre-configured from the database.

    If i can have one example….i can to the rest….

    Thank You….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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